Miss Tourism Queen International 2018 Welcomed In Holiday Inn & Suites Rayong City Centre

29 Aug

As part of Thailand’s Tourism Authority’s goal of promoting tourism in secondary provinces such as Rayong, Chantaburi, and Trat, the 60 contestants of Miss Tourism Queen International 2018 were invited to a three-day stay in Rayong from May 10 to 12, 2018.

This was kicked off with a welcome cocktail party hosted at the Holiday Inn hotel in Rayong accommodated by General Manager Mr. Ayush Choudhry and Sales and Marketing Director Mrs. Caroline Shen.



All contestants were accommodated at the Holiday Inn hotel in Rayong for the rest of their exclusion, experiencing the province’s culture, lifestyle, and cuisine including their popular summer fruits durian, mangosteen, mango, lanzones, rambutan, and more. This featured the rich natural resources of the region, and its unique culture and cuisine.

Beach Cleaning

The ladies also spent time cleaning the beach around Samet Island as part of their responsibility activity.

They returned to Bangkok for the final show on May 16 where the winner was crowned and earned a USD 10,000 price.

Miss Tourism Queen International 2018 Winners

Grand Winner

Ms. Camilla Reis CavalcantiGois from Brazil

First Runner-Up

Ms. Victoria Romanova from Tatarstan

Second Runner-Up

Ms. Rachel Corrine Nimegeers from Belgium

Third Runner-Up

Ms. ZandreaSinzianaSirghi from Romania

Fourth Runner-Up

Ms. ChatrthiraMichas from Thailand

Miss Global Tourism

Ms. Nguyen DieuLinh from Vietnam

Miss Tourism Africa

Ms. MihretEngdaAkalu from Ethiopia

Miss Tourism Americas

Ms. Patricia Ponce Robledo from Mexico

Miss Tourism Asia

Ms. Ong Shin Joe from Malaysia

Miss Tourism Europe

Ms. Klaudia Natalia Strojwas from Poland

Miss Tourism Oceania

Ms. Abby Smale from New Zealand

The annual competition was organizedby Exclusive Resources Marketing (ERM) Pte Ltd. from Singapore to promote tourism development, with the winner serving as a tourism ambassador, cross-cultural exposure, fashion, and camaraderie among the participants from different parts of the world.Mr. Charlie See in founded it 1949 and has more than 80 participating countries. With the involvement of around 250 press coverages and more than 50 TV media broadcasting, it has served as a global platform for participating regions, tourist cities and products, business brands, fashion, and luxury goods.