Mirrors As Practical And Functional Home Decor

16 Aug

A practical décor that is both ornamental and functional is the mirror. Throughout the ages, mirrors have always been used in homes but more recently, they are used as mirror splashbacks in kitchens. A masterful placement of the mirror splashback will create an illusion of more space.

According to interior designer Alicia France of Christchurch’s Frobisher, mirrors are good perception deceivers. They can instantly double the size of space by allowing the viewer’s line of vision to continue into the distance. Mirrors are practical elements that can do wonders for a small space because they reflect light from the windows. If the room does not have windows, lamps can be placed for extra reflected illumination.

However, to take advantage of the opportunities provided by mirrors, it must be perfectly placed. The mirror must be able to reflect a view that is worth looking at like a garden or a beautiful light fitting. It is important to avoid placing mirrors opposite computer areas, desks, TV’s, kitchen sinks or bookshelves. It is a given that humans are drawn to mirrors. When they see their reflection in the mirror, there is a feeling of instant connection.

Some homeowners may go for mirrors on the ceilings of their dining rooms but definitely not for the bedroom. In the bedroom, the mirror will look good when it leans on the wall. Tall and large mirrors can be moved around the space to change the mood and theme of the room.

In the small space of the kitchen, mirror splashbacks will be perfect. However, it is important to avoid creating glare or reflecting the mess caused by meal preparation. Since mirrors can reflect movement, it can be very appealing but never near the staircase or directly opposite a doorway as you might be startled by your own reflection when you enter the room.

Before you shop for a mirror splashback, make sure that you have the exact measurements so that the glass can be cut and finished to fit the space. If you require something unique for a particular space, make sure you provide the precise details so that the mirror can be created accordingly.