How To Land On The Position You Are Eyeing For

30 Mar

Getting a job is challenging. With the population growing at this rate, many will be fighting to get his rightful place in companies. With all these competitions out there, getting hired for position you like is like fighting in an arena full of gladiators and only the fittest will survive. You may have a degree to show or achievements to wave but do you have the skills to prove you are worthy? What makes you different or what makes you better from everyone else? What can you offer to the company that others cannot provide? There are more questions that goes on the minds of the employers to decide whether to hire you or the man sitting beside you.  Below are some tips to help you be the better “one for the job”:

  1. In an interview you will be asked, “What is your weakness?” You cannot just answer that you are always late for meetings, definitely you will not get hired. You can turn it to something positive like “ I had challenges before being on time for meetings but I have overcame it by preparing my things the night before to make sure that I will have enough time for travel the next day”. You showed that you were aware of your weakness but have provided a solution to your issue.
  2. You would have to show the employer that you are capable of maintaining a good balance between work and family or social life. They would need to also see that you can separate your personal life from your job.
  3. Poised even under pressure. This is what employers are looking for nowadays. If a problem arises, you should still be able to maintain composure to think and find the right solution. If you panic, you lose.
  4. Aside for being diligent in working alone, make sure that you show them that you have the ability to minister tasks to others and also handle tasks assign to you. You should be able to have a good working relationship with your peers to deliver the company’s goal.
  5. Computer Skills. Knowing how to use the system is different from mastering the craft. Make sure that you equip yourself with skills that will boost your performance. Attending seminars or trainings to improve your computer skills will provide you the edge that will make you stand out from the crowd. Visit, for a chance to improve your performance and get hired in no time.