It’s Summer But Not For School Gardens

10 Jul

It may be summer but for Morningside Elementary School, it will be time to harvest their gardens soon. In order to survive, gardens would have to be constantly taken care of. The same thing goes for school gardens.

In Morningside Elementary School, you will see an abundance of vegetation and plant life. But in this school, there is one variety that seems to overshadow the rest. You would have to take a second look for you to notice the peppers, jalapenos and the carrot greens as they are all mostly surrounded by tomato vines.
According to one of the teachers there, there had been an abundance of rain which had ultimately benefitted the gardens in the said school. Right now, the plants are growing well, especially the tomatoes.

But with summer nearly at our doorsteps, one would wonder who would be taking care of the gardens now? Although the tomatoes are ripening fast, it would already be too late before they can fully ripen as the students would have already been stuck in their homes, brought to summer camps and basking under the heat of the sun.

There is also the question as to who will be enjoying the bounty from the garden.
Luckily for schools that have learning gardens, there are many programs that would help them take care of their gardens over the summer like the Sow Healthy program. Programs like these aim to teach and help schools with how they could better take care of their gardens even without the help of the students.

Right now, many schools are trying out many different strategies to take care of their gardens. Some schools have already tasked their students into harvesting everything they could before the school year ends so that when the next school year begins, the gardens would be ready to be seeded again.

Other schools also launch summer gardening programs, a great approach to the summer garden problem.

With that being said, it feels good to know that many people are doing their best to take care of their gardens. One should remember that the world is one big garden and in order to take care of it, people should first learn how to take care of the smaller ones.