The Issue On Transgender Friendly Bathroom Accommodation In Dripping Springs

6 Dec

Members of Texas Values have joined parents and students at Dripping Springs school board meeting held last Monday to persuade district leaders to reverse the recent transgender-friendly bathroom accommodations. It came to public attention last September that the principal of Walnut Springs Elementary School has decided to allow a third-grade transgender student to use the girl’s restroom.

According to parent, Nikki Kelton, the parents were deprived of an opportunity to have a conversation with their children inside their own homes to discuss the values and beliefs of the family. Students who had questions about the transition were asked to read a book on understanding and acceptance of transgender students without seeking parental approval. Parents were unaware that the book was read to the students by an influential and authoritative individual.

The issue of bathroom accommodations for transgender students was not part of the board’s agenda so that members were only allowed to listen to the comments made by the public without the opportunity to respond. Texas Values which is a conservative, Christian non-profit organization made the comment that the board was disrespectful for not including the issue on the agenda for discussion.

Although majority of those who attended spoke against the board’s actions, there were some parents and community members who agreed with the district’s transgender-friendly bathroom accommodations for the 3rd grader and ask the board to maintain its position. One parent even thanked the board for accepting and for being non-discriminatory.

Before the board meeting at least 15 parents were outside the school’s district office. They were joined by the members of Texas Values to seek for the reversal of the transgender bathroom accommodations. According to Texas Rep Jason Isaac, there is a clear safety issue for students and women of the state. He promises to support a bill that will disallow transgender students from using a bathroom that coincides with their gender identity.

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