How To Select An International School In Bangkok

1 Feb

When it comes to finding an international school in Bangkok where you can enrol your child is not that daunting because there are a lot of schools in the area. However, it is important to check certain aspects to ensure that your child will be enrolled at the right academic institution. Here are some ideas.

Location and accessibility

One of the most important aspects to check is the distance of the school to your residence. Take note that you are in a foreign country and your family’s security should be prioritized. If the school is located far from your house, find out if they offer school bus service. Visit the school to personally check the conditions of its facilities, if there are emergency exits and if the area is child-friendly or not hazardous to children. You might also want to check the surrounding environment of the school for your child’s safety. Avoid international schools that are located to entertainment hubs or shopping malls.

Teachers’ qualifications

Find out if the teachers of the international school in Bangkok that you are target are certified and proficient to teach foreign nationals especially on ESL. Another point to check is if the teachers have earned advance education in teaching. Observe how teachers interact with parents and students. Pay attention if the teachers are respected by the students and if the students behave accordingly in front of school authorities.

Consult other parents

When you visit the school, talk to some of the parents to find out what their thoughts are and if they are satisfied with their child’s development at the international school. You might also want to talk to the parents who pulled out their children from the school. Find out if the parents think that the tuition and school fees are reasonable.

School reputation

You might also want to check the school reputation of the international school in Bangkok that you are considering. Consider reading reviews and testimonials not just at the school’s official website but at third party sites. Make some research if there filed complaints or legal actions against the school and controversies involving the faculty.