How To Make A North Carolina Tax ID Application?

28 May

In North Carolina, you need two Tax ID numbers to suit your business needs. The North Carolina Department of Revenue will issue a single state tax ID number where business owners can pay their sales tax, employee income tax withholding, and the state’s equipment, machinery and manufacturing use tax. The North Carolina tax ID application is so easy and fast. Once you submit through an online application form, you immediately receive the number, though in some cases, it may need ten working days. This number is essential especially when you’re setting up a business in North Carolina.

To get the local NC tax ID number, you need to apply for a federal employer identification number or EIN from the IRS website. Application is absolutely free so you don’t need to pay anything, except if you prefer to mail the document. Your next step is to get a North Carolina tax ID application, which you can do at the Department of Revenue.

The filing of the corporate documents can be done at the Secretary of State Office in North Carolina. Before you are issued the tax ID number, you need to do this process and obtain a registration number. There is a designated website and phone number for this purpose, which can be easily accessed over the Internet. However, LLCs, partnerships and sole proprietorships have no need to undergo this process from the Secretary of State.

The North Carolina Department of Revenue takes charge of the releasing of tax ID numbers for those living in this state. There is a designated website to suit this purpose so you can apply online. Just ensure that you have all details related to the application so you can get your tax ID number. This is your lifetime tax ID number so ensure you’ve done it right. Online access is the most convenient way for a North Carolina tax ID application, so you get it immediately.

Also try to find out where you can avail tax accounts, permits and licenses needed for your business to operate in North Carolina. There are a few websites that help you with this matter and you can avail their services for minimal fees.