How To Determine The Health Of Thailand Orchids For Sale

29 Sep

With simple checking of Thailand orchids for sale, you can easily tell if the orchids are healthy even if you are not a florist or a flower expert. All you have to do is take a look at the following tips to easily check the orchid’s health and condition.

Examine the roots

The roots are one of the first orchid parts that you need to check. The roots should be plump and firm to the touch and its colour should be green or white. Do not choose orchids with brown roots that are already mushy because it means the orchid is overwatered. To better inspect the roots, remove the grower pot from the decorative pot.

Bright green leaves

You can also tell that you are looking at healthy Thailand orchids for sale by checking its leaves. Although it is normal for some of the leaves to be yellowing, if all the leaves are yellow, then it is a sign that the orchid is water-deprived or overwatered. Generally, the leaves should be bright green before they turn yellow and die. Check the leaves completely. If there are yellow spots, this can be a sign that the orchid is being consumed by pests or insects. Find out if there are cobwebs beneath the leaves.

Check the blooms

The blooms reveal the exact health condition of the orchid. The flowers should be attached to the stem firmly and they should also be plump and looks healthy. Prefer an orchid with developing buds because this means you will have extra flowers later on. You will know that the flowers are healthy if they have bright and vibrant colour.

Inspect the stems

Before deciding on buying Thailand orchids for sale, inspect the stems or the spikes. They should be able to take the weight of the blooms which can be heavy especially when there are a lot of blooms. The stem should be erect and not bend. A good set of orchids should have that healthy scent without foul or rotting smell. If you are going to order online, ask for guarantees to ensure that you will get the best and the freshest orchids.