How To Choose Floor Tiles Space

10 Aug

With more options available in the market today, it can seem challenging to select the right tile for the right space. There are many popular tile brands in the market where you can choose from and many of these can be used for both wall and floor tiles space, which can entail a huge challenge for you. To help you in your choices, here are some tips:

  • Choose the basics: You first step is to decide the kind of tile you need. For the outdoors, you can choose anti-skid or matt finish tiles. For the walls, you can opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles as they don’t absorb stains and are non-porous. For floor tiles space, you can use vitrified tiles as they are durable and can withstand weight.


  • Choose the right finish: Recreating a pattern on a tile is now possible with digital printing. However, the design and pattern must not be your deciding factor. You also need to determine the right finish. You can add glossy tiles on walls, while for the exteriors use stone finish tiles. For bedrooms, you can utilise wood finishes to add a warm feel. For bathroom and kitchen walls, try mosaics and metallics combined with plain tiles. For living rooms, you can use natural finishes and designs.


  • The right colour: For your indoor flooring, choose light coloured floor tiles space for an intimate look. You can also use darker colours for the outdoors. Keep in mind that choosing light colours will make the room brighter, airy and spacious, while dark colours can help you maintain the room easily.


  • Grout it right: Previously grouting with a contrast colour was the trend, however, these days, you need to use a grout that matches the colour of the tile. One must apply thin grout lines and make it less visible to notice.


  • Ability to absorb water: To understand the tile strength, floor tiles space are more durable as they have lesser water absorption to last longer.

Tiles especially floor tiles space are considered great investments as they are easy to maintain and provide the needed hygiene for living. So,choose the tiles with care.