How To Choose Edibles For Wedding Favor Boxes

4 Sep

Wedding favor boxes are tokens of appreciation for guests who attended a wedding. However, brides and grooms have different ideas when it comes to wedding favors. As customs and trends change so does the choice for wedding favors. In the 16th century, giving away wedding favors was considered an extravagance and a show of wealth but today, almost all wedding couples can afford to provide their guests with mementos.

Wedding bonbonnieres are small decorative boxes usually made from porcelain, crystal or gold. They were once the favorite wedding favor. The boxes were embellished with colorful and precious gems and they often contained a sweet delicacy people called bonbon. In modern times, wedding couples are going back to the tradition of giving away wedding favors inside boxes. Edibles have also become the popular choice because it is more economical and guests tend to appreciate the gesture more.

The wedding couple has the choice on what edible will be placed inside the wedding favor boxes. It can be candy-coated almonds that symbolized luck or small cakes and pastries. For couples who are looking for unique edibles, the following are good suggestions.

• Small balls of cake or brownies can be covered with candy melt or chocolate to transform them into a work of art before they are packed in clear cello bags and tied with a ribbon.

• Cookies are typical favors for the occasion and many bakeries offer them as intricately designed and decorated to match the wedding theme. Most cookies can last from 2 to 3 weeks so that they have to be purchased in advance.

• Petit fours are bite sized pastries that are perfect for wedding favors. Some bakeries create petit fours on demand or they can be ordered online. There are also retailers that offer the right sizes of boxes for wedding favors.

• Chocolates for wedding favors are often pre-boxed and wrapped. The most popular types of chocolate include truffles, caramels or chocolate-covered pretzels. Gourmet chocolate is also a popular choice.

• Seasonal treats can coincide with a particular season or holiday. For example, a wedding in December can use spice cakes bars while for summer, lemon tarts are the best.