How Thailand Satisfies Every Type Of Beach Holiday

12 Nov

Southeast Asia boasts of some of the best beaches all over the world. With a tropical temperature and amazing warm waters, Southeast Asia has become a favourite destination of people who want to escape the bitter cold of winter in their own country. Accommodations range from Thailand beach villas to 5-star hotels and serviced apartments with amazing views of the landscape.

A tourist can find different beaches in Thailand that are perfect for a beach holiday. Koh Lao Liang is considered by the local Thais as an ideal weekend getaway from Bangkok. The beach is relatively unknown to tourists because it is an eco campsite with 20 tents facing the sea. The island is great for water activities like snorkelling; however, there is no Wi-Fi and power is only available after 4 PM.

Many wealthy tourists prefer luxury resorts that are surrounded by lush rainforests and white beaches. KohKood which is just an hour away from the city of Bangkok is sparsely populated and yet it has the pristine beaches and wild jungles usually associated to Maldives. The beach villas have their own infinity pools and personal golf carts including other luxurious amenities.

It is rare to enjoy privacy when you are in a popular destination but in KohLibong, very few resorts exist to encourage sustainable tourism. The main attraction of the place is the dugong population that can be found in a narrow channel of water between the island and the mainland.

In KohTao there are Thailand beach villas that cater to wealthy tourists who want privacy. The beach villas are uniquely located to provide luxury travellers with a memorable experience. Over the past years, the island has become a popular place for scuba diving, snorkelling and rock climbing. Koh Tao is increasingly becoming a popular alternative for tourists who want to avoid crowded beaches.

How do the Thailand beach villas differ from resorts in other tourist destinations? The luxury villas are designed to take advantage of the amazing panoramic views of the landscape, mountains and waters. Every effort is undertaken to satisfy the expectations of guests from the comfortable beds, spacious living areas and relaxing ambience.