How Professional EB 5 Lawyers Can Help You With Your EB 5 Visa Application

21 Feb

You will need professional EB 5 lawyers to help you process your EB 5 visa application. The experienced immigration lawyers can help you with no charge at all. They will assess your condition and determine options for your unfinished immigration plans. If there is a need for a professional consultation at no extra cost, feel free to find EB 5 lawyers near your area or contact them personally. After they review your information, they can offer you an honest assessment about your qualifications for the EB 5 category. They can also talk about possible application schemes made for your situation. They also help you decide whether you fit a different visa category like the EB-1C.

Due to the high volume of queries, some professional EB 5 lawyers have invited to schedule paid consultation to hasten the queries. Some firms charge a flat rate of $200 for half an hour consultations with junior EB 5 associates or a higher rate of $300 for half an hour consulting with senior EB 5 lawyers.

After you have paid the retainers fee for your EB 5 visa application, they will handle the petition using the following steps:

  • They will interact with you from the beginning of your case and deal closely with you for the whole visa application process.
  • They will initiate qualifications under the EB 5 classification including your beneficiaries.
  • They will assess, interpret if needed, and create important application materials to include petition forms.
  • They will combine your application materials into a petition package, including a professionally written petition letter to convince the merits of an EB 5 visa.
  • Once the petition materials have been assessed and completed, they will pass it to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS.
  • They will occasionally be in touch with the agency as your case can be decided, keeping you posted with the developments of the processing period.
  • Should the USCIS need further proofs pending your case, they will promptly respond to that request, and submit the required documents within the stipulated duration.
  • Once the USCIS has the final decision about your EB 5 petition, they will inform you corr

So here’s why you should consider retaining these professional EB 5 lawyers for your EB 5 visa application.