How Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Have Promoted Latin American Restaurants To The US

4 Aug

South American restaurant chains are now heading to South Florida in the hope of improving its sales in the US food service industry. As mentioned by media, fast food restaurants have generated sales of $231-billion annually in the United States. Latin American restaurants,like those of Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, try to improve their profits by innovating fresh flavors and offering customers of such mix.

According to a restaurant analyst from NPD Group, Americans are often interested in trying something new and different. If there is a new restaurant coming to that area, they will be interested to try their food and see if it’s something that they need.

One perfect example is a recommended Colombian-based El Corral Burgers. This is highly recommended by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, being a famous restaurateur in the Latin American region. It’s first fast food chain opened in a town near Miami. The first few weeks of its opening made the restaurant staff see an average of 600 Colombians trying to eat Latin American food. They were waiting in long lines just to taste the El Corral burgers, which were their specialties.

Meanwhile, for the next five years, Juan Valdez, a coffee company from Colombia, hopes to open sixty franchised cafes all throughout southern Florida. Over three years ago, Giraffas, the second biggest Brazil-based fast food chain, opened its first US-based restaurant in the North Miami. Today, there are now ten more Giraffas around the US. It hopes to open 100-150 more stores in 2020.

According to reports, Latin America restaurateurs, like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, are interested to open fast food chains in the Miami-Dade County as almost two-thirds of its residents are Hispanic. Still, these companies how to expand more to accommodate all these people, who are hungry for Latin American food. They also want to reach out to Americans that their food is something that they want.

With the opening of fast food restaurants in South Florida, it can be possible that it will open new branches worldwide. The Hispanic restaurateurs are trying to make noise here. If they can be successful in the United States, there’s no reason they can be successful in other countries. However, it is still their hope and dream, just like what Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan thinks about fast food chains.