How Bangkok Plans To Solve The Problem Of Floods

8 Mar

Chachoengsao is 50 kilometres east of Bangkok and easily accessible by train. Because it is within reach of Bangkok, many property investors are interested on Single home in Chachoengsao because it is close to nature with temples and live street markets. Life in the area is not boring but if you want some entertainment, you can simply take the train to Bangkok.

One of the problems of Bangkok is flood because the lower Chao Phraya Basin receives large amounts of water from the northern part of Thailand. This passes through Bangkok before it drains in the Gulf of Thailand. In order to solve the problem, Bangkok is working with Deltares to gain a better understanding of the process and explore how water that passes through the Basin can be utilized during the dry and rainy season.

The areas that will be covered by the initiative include Tah Cheen, Bang Phra Kong and Chao Phraya River. After the study, Bangkok will determine their objectives for water management in the future. The vision will not only include flood protection but a holistic approach of living with water in the city.

Intensive situational analysis will be undertaken based on infrastructure, land use, land elevation, climactic conditions and the socio-economic conditions of the area. Stakeholders will discuss the objectives for water management in the city including flood protection and drainage. Proper water management will be the clear vision that should be agreed upon by all the stakeholders across the city of Bangkok.

After a strategic scoping session and intensive engagement with stakeholders in Bangkok, Deltares developed a roadmap so that they can complete the study and develop an integrated water master plan. This study is the first of its kind in Bangkok. 30% of the cost will be funded by the Dutch government.

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