Help Pest Control In Newcastle: Residents Urged

25 Jun

Cleanliness of the environment, of the neighbourhood, of your respective homes, is everyone’s responsibility. You can just let the government-paid street cleaners pick up the trash that most of us, whether we admit it or not, leave behind in the streets whether it’s a plastic wrap ofa candy you have just consumed or a plastic cup. Aside from the fact that left behind trash can hinder the free flow of water in canals and other drainage systems which can eventually lead to massive flooding especially during the rainy season, trash that are scattered everywhere can cause various health problems especially to kids. Trashy areas can be the nesting places of mosquitos who might be carriers of mosquito-bite inflicted diseases such as the fatal Dengue Fever. In addition to this, those places that are not properly cleaned on a regular basis can easily invite pest infestation. Although affected residents can hire a company who handles professional pest control in Newcastle, the presentation of pest infestation still lies in the hands of the residents themselves.

Due to the alarming rise of rats that are being spotted all around Newcastle and neighbouring cities, the local officials of Newcastle are now urging residents and property owners to help in the city’s drive towards cleanliness and making the city free of vermin. Although the government of Newcastle has a duty to facilitate pest control in Newcastle,a campaign is now being led by the government of Newcastle in hopes that it change the behaviour of residents towards cleanliness and in making sure that trash bins are regularly emptied to avoid getting the attention of those tiny, pesky pests. In addition to this, the local government also reminded traders in Newcastle about their legal responsibility in making sure that they always store and dispose both their solid and liquid wastes according rules and regulations set by the city’s environmental ordinances. Sure, there are many companies who do pest control in Newcastle but if people continue to irresponsibly leave behind their rubbish on the street, the more rats will be able to feed on the rubbish and the pest problem will worsen.