Google My Business As An Option For Small Businesses To Gain Online Presence

22 Jun

If you are planning to open a business in Oklahoma, one of the first steps that should be undertaken is to obtain tax ID number Oklahoma to simplify the process of application for business licenses, financing and opening of a business bank account. A tax ID number is a better option to protect the privacy of your social security number.

Another important aspect that a business has to consider is online presence. It is very difficult to compete in the market if nobody knows about your business’s existence. Consumers today are different because they analyze and consider product reviews with precision before making a purchasing decision.

According to a survey made by CNBC/SurveyMonkey, at least 45% of small business does not have online presence because they are afraid of technology. Surprisingly, these businesses include restaurants and retail stores that will benefit from digital marketing strategies. Businesses must get over their fears of technology so that they can display the brand online.

One of the most basic online presence tools for a small business is Google My Business where a business can sign up and provide business information. The free Google listing will provide the business with online presence in Google Maps and search engines even without a website.

Google My Business is not an advertising tool but a valuable support for businesses that want online presence and find their customers. It makes online presence simpler for a small business through web builder that can get an actual page up and running with only the basic information like phone numbers, address and basic feature photographs of the business.

Post and photos are going to be looped through the Google listing to allow customers to book appointments in the absence of a website. However, a business owner who wants to have more control and functionality must opt for a website with the basic ecommerce features.

Before applying for tax ID number Oklahoma, it is important to determine the structure where the business will operate and the responsible party that will act in behalf of the business. A valid physical address is also a requirement that you need to comply with aside from valid contact information.