How To Get Free Breakfast Buffet In Sukhumvit

6 Apr

Getting free breakfast buffet in Sukhumvit offers numerous advantages to tourists. For one, you get to save a good amount of money on breakfast especially if you will stay at the hotel for several days. It may sound miniscule but if you would sum up the total amount that you would supposedly pay for breakfast, you will be surprised at the amount that you would actually save. Also, when you have a ready breakfast at the hotel, you wouldn’t have any reason to skip breakfast which is the most important meal for the day. To get complimentary breakfast and save money on it, take a look at these ideas.

Check branded hotels

Most branded hotels offer free breakfast buffet and they are usually generous and sumptuous. Start your day with good food and you will have the stamina and energy to do your activities for the day in Bangkok. If you find branded hotels expensive, you can check from more affordable hotels and see if they offer free breakfast buffet in Sukhumvit.

Rates that include breakfast

You can also get free breakfast by booking at hotels with included breakfast on the rates. Although you are technically still paying for the breakfast as it is already included in the hotel rates, at least you won’t have to worry about what and where you are going to get your breakfast the next day.

Elite status

Booking for extended periods such as 30 days or 75 nights allows guests to earn excellent hotel perks such as free buffet breakfast and even room service breakfast buffet for free. Gather more information from the hotel to find out how you can save money on breakfast and other services.

Credit card status

Having Gold status on your credit card allows you to get free breakfast buffet in Sukhumvit and in most hotels around the world. Aside from free breakfast, you can also get other perks such as free trip tickets, discounts from participating hotels and restaurants and automatic discounts from your shopping purchases. Find out what you can get from your credit card to be sure.