Funeral Directors Forced To Mediate Conflicts Between Families

30 May

The job of a funeral director can never be called easy because there are instances when their responsibility extends to dividing ashes, setting up password systems and supervising visits to the funeral homes because two families are at war. The National Association of Funeral Directors has revealed that funeral directors are increasingly becoming the mediators between family conflicts.

Members of the association have reported clients screaming and shouting with threats to go to the press regarding the choices that were made by relatives. However, the main reason as cited by funeral directors is the conflict between two warring families that are forced to be together because of the deceased. Unfortunately, some funeral directors are becoming the targets or aggressive clients because they were not able to please all the wishes that differed from one family to the other.

According to Alison Crake, president of the National Association of Funeral Directors, people are dying without telling their families what they wanted in terms of funeral arrangements. In the absence of any practical planning before death, families are left with the uncertainty of not knowing what to do.

Death has a terrible impact on families and it often brings out the worst behaviours like aggressiveness and helplessness because they are left with unpaid debts. Paul Cuthell, a funeral director from Stirlingshire said that complex families are usually the reason for conflicts. The number of broken families is increasing in society. As a result, emotions are high when two families are forced to meet to arrange a funeral.

According to Mr. Cuthell, there are instances when they receive instructions not to allow certain persons in the funeral premises on the day of interment. Sometimes, the funeral director has a draw a list of approved individuals. Some families want the ashes to be divided, ½ to be buried and the other half to be scattered.

In spite of challenges in trying to provide compassion and support for grieving families, funeral directors in Perth remain steadfast in performing the responsibilities. They will wait patiently until families agree on whether it is cremation they want or the traditional burial in the family plot.