Fun At-Home Birthday Party Tips For All Ages

8 Feb

Birthdays only happen once a year. For your kids, birthdays should be considered as an accomplishment and for this reason they should be celebrated. Birthdays are special to children because they expect to be treated special on this day. They are a reminder of how you had survived and grown another year with your child. You’ve seen your child learn and grow and maybe it is time to reward him/her for it through a birthday celebration. And what better way to celebrate than throwing a party for your kid?

With birthday parties, planning is everything. Here are some tips that you can use when planning to throw a birthday party for your child at your backyard.

  1. Choose a theme. This is the first and one of the most important steps to organizing the party. Once you have chosen a theme, you’d be able to work through the whole planning process much easier because there is already a basis for the things that you need. If your child is aged 3-5, it is recommended that you choose animal-themed party such as cute butterflies, or bubbles or anything appropriate for that age. If your child is aged 6-8, you can start throwing costume-themed parties.
  2. Homemade invitations. Get your kids involved in the making of invitations. As much as possible, it is important to let your kids have a say on what they want to put in their invitations. However, there should be some restrictions as well depending on your own judgment as a parent. Send them out two weeks before the party so that guests would have time to prepare. It would also be good to remind people of the party in the case they forget.
  3. Time it right. For kids, it is better to have the party in the morning, about 10 to noon. Don’t have the party too long because it can be quite destructive and exhausting.
  4. Make sure to decorate based on the theme. If you’re going for a princess or fairy-themed party, it would be good if you use decorations related to them.
  5. Don’t forget the gift bags filled with treats. It is a good way to show how you appreciate the time your child’s guests have sacrificed to attend your child’s special day.
  6. Keep them busy. Remember to always keep the kids busy with something because when they aren’t doing anything, this will be the time that the screaming and chasing starts. Keeping them busy keeps them under control.