Four Methods Of Converting VHS To DVD Videos

16 Aug

Relocated to a new home and discovered a box full of VHS tapes recorded many years ago? Recording videos nowadays are so easy with the availability of smartphones and portable media gadgets. In earlier days, video cameras recorded videos and were savedin VHS tapes. So, if you have lots of these tapes and want to watch it with your loved ones, the best way is to convert VHS to DVD, and once converted, you relive those special moments in your big flat screen TV. Here’s what you can do for the conversion:

  • Conversion Through a Video Capture Device

The most practical and easiest way to transfer VHS to DVD is through a video capture device. Using this method, you need to connect your VCR with the VHS tape to a computer with video capture and record the tape on the computer’s hard drive. The next step is to have the video moved to a DVD disc through a DVD writing software. If you opt for this method, you need a VCR, a good software and video capture device to store the video onto the disc. You also need to consider the RAM and speed of your hardware and processor.

  • Conversion Through a DVD Recorder

If you have a VCR and DVD player that can actually record the videos, you can make VHS to DVD so easily. This method will need RCA cable that will come along with your TV, DVD player and cable. However, this method is not as similar to a VCR/DVD combo equipment, but it can function the same way.

  • Transfer Using a Combined DVD Recorder/VHS VCR

You can copy VHS to DVD tapes using a combination of DVD Recorder and VHS VCRs. It’s actually a basic unit that has both VCR and DVD recorder. They can come in various brands and types. It can also include dubbing features.

  • Using a Converter Service

If you want the technical aspects handled by a professional, delegate the task for a price. You can possibly find service providers that ask you to send the tapes, convert VHS to DVD and pick up the converted discs. You will just have to choose those that fit your requirements and budget.