Finney County Moves Forward With HVAC Project

15 Dec

The Finney Country Commissioners have crunched the numbers, analyzed Central Air Conditioner Prices, and made their decision; the county is moving forward on their new project, marked by the approval of the Commissioners on the lease purchase agreement for the HVAC project set to cover all of Finney County, Kansas. The agreement was made on Monday, December 4, 2017.

The project will be handled by 360 Energy Engineers at a lease purchase priced at $6.495M, with an included contingency amount of $150,000. As part of the agreement, 360 Energy Engineers will handle the work on the Finney County Public Library, the Finney County Courthouse, as well as the County Administrative Center, among other locations.

Another key point of the project id the work to be done on the Finney County Attorney’s Office. Instead of going for the usual pay-as-you-go method employed for most attorney’s buildings, the county can divert the funds to handle the Central Air Conditioner Prices for an HVAC system for the attorney buildings, plus some additional funds, if necessary.

Roger Edgar says that the issue with the HVAC system for the county attorney’s office is not an issue, per se. He says that 360 Energy just needs a few extra weeks to crunch the numbers on the county attorney’s office and deliver that information to the Finney County Commissioners. Roger Edgar is from George K. Braum and Company, the financial company in charge of the project. The finalized cost for the attorney’s office is expected to reach the board sometime late December or early January.

Other business handled during the commission meeting are as follows:

  • Waiving of the annual user fees and the bond repayment fees for the county-owned property located at Towns Riverview Subdivision in Sewer District No. 3, approved
  • Approval of the purchasing of an Alert Sense mass communication system, costing $9,995. This new system should improve communications between the county and its residents and employees. One feature in the new system is a weather alert system.
  • Several Finney County employees were awarded the status of Wellness Champions, and received prizes, including jackets and official certificates.