Emerging Technologies In Time Attendance System

16 Feb

Disciplined and ethical employees play a major role in the growth of any organization.  It is not possible to inculcate discipline forcibly. The time attendance technologies are an easy way to enforce discipline in employees by setting guidelines that guide them in the path to discipline.

The use of time attendance software helps the HR managers to keep an eye and know the whereabouts of the employees at any given time. The software is very helpful in managing the attendance and activities of your employees. This software helps the managers to tackle their employees and enforce discipline in a very friendly manner. The software helps the managers to easily calculate the wages for hourly paid jobs, manage multiple shift work setups, calculate daily and weekly overtime payments and generate multiple- daily, weekly and monthly reports relating to employee absenteeism, reporting times and overtime data.

Automated Time Tracking

The recent development in time attendance technology is the use of automated time tracking. The use of cloud based software allows the users to access data in real-time. This system offers employees an easy and user- friendly platform to clock in through mobile punches and employee dash boards on their Smartphone and tablets.

Time Clocks which are Wi-Fi enabled

Another major trend is the use of time clocks that are Wi-Fi enabled. This technology enhances accuracy and efficiency in time attendance management by using biometric technology built into a Wi-Fi enabled time clock

Cloud Based Scheduling Modules

The use of cloud based software for advance planning on employee schedules. This software offers HR managers greater flexibility and visibility in managing the schedules of their employees. The software also offers employees the freedom to provide their availability to the managers and receive notifications about important tasks.

Biometric Kiosks with Touch Screens

The use of biometric kiosk is also gaining popularity. The touch screen tablet which is android based assists the employees to review their time schedules, confirm the schedules set by the managers and request leaves. This software has advanced features like scanning the finger prints and other biometric details helping the managers to deal with buddy-punching and time-theft.

As the technology is ever changing, the trends in time attendance software keep upgrading regularly. These advancing technologies help the HR managers to manage their work force in an efficient and friendly manner.