Electronic Purchase Of School Supplies And Furniture Through Purchase Cards

29 Jul

The Beaufort County School District makes most of its purchases of goods and services electronically from educational supplies to furniture for the classrooms including payments for monthly electric and water bills. Recently, some letter writers have asserted that some school employees are misusing tax dollars through the district’s purchase cards.

A purchase card is a type of commercial card that is used by businesses and organizations so that they can make convenient business-to-business electronic payments for goods and services. Purchase cards are almost always used in the procurement process to improve control and accountability. Like other businesses, the Beaufort County School District relies heavily on the purchase cards provided by the Bank of America for their procurement process.

All purchases made have to be approved in advance by the appropriate supervisors and supported by appropriate documentation. There are some instances when purchases are made in cash generated by the school through its fundraising activities, booster clubs, community donations, PTO’s, participation fees, revenues from vending machines and gate receipts from sporting events.

Control over the purchase card is comprehensive and strong with the approval of the state and a yearly review by a pair of separate independent auditors. Sometimes, there are isolated cases where the purchase card numbers are fraudulently used but once the charges are disputed, they are reimbursed by Bank of America.

All budgets are closely monitored with each and every transaction reported on the district’s website. Meanwhile, the district is also on the process of expanding online information so that all details will be included particularly those that are required by the state laws.

The purchase cards work well for the school’s procurement process because it allows them to conduct cost effective and efficient business transactions while ensuring that they are accountable to taxpayers. An additional benefit is the substantial rebate from the use of Bank of America’s purchase card.

If the school is on the process of purchasing high school classroom furniture, it is important to consider a design that will create the right atmosphere. When the furniture chosen has a stunning visual impact, it can inspire and motivate both the students and their teachers.