The Effects Of Proposed Budget Cuts On The US Education Department

30 Mar

If the budget cuts proposed for the federal Education and State departments are pushed through it would severely affect students and researchers all over the world. In the 2018 budget plan, about $9 billion will be cut from the Department of Education’s spending or 13.5%. Meanwhile the State Department’s budget will also be cut by $15 billion or 28%.

The budget cuts in the Education Department will involve programs that prepare low income and disabled students for college, teacher training programs and community learning programs that provide enrichment and tutoring programs to help the needy American students.

In a letter to the US Office of Management and Budget, Michael Lomax, the president of the United Negro College Fund, mentioned their gratitude towards the president’s personal involvement to support historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) however, the details of the education budget raised some concerns that the president’s commitment to do more for the schools might go unfulfilled.

According to Lomax if the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants will be eliminated it will affect 55,000 HBCU students. If work-study programs and other federal spending are reduced, it will affect 26,000 students and reduce their opportunities for future employment.

Although HBCU schools have lower costs, students tend to accrue more loan debts than those studying in other universities because majority of the 300,000 men and women at HBCU are first-generation, low income minority students. Although the HBCU sector constitutes 3% of the US institutions for higher learning, if confers about 18% of all baccalaureate degrees received by African-American students.

Other programs of the department of education that are due for elimination include National Endowment for the Humanities, National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Community and Public Service. The latter is responsible for the running of national volunteer programs that include Americorps that places young people for positions in non-profits, schools, public agencies and community groups.

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