Eat That Frog: The Next Best Time Management System For Entrepreneurs

29 May

Nowadays, various methods that are being employed by almost everyone for the purpose of managing time and helping them complete more tasks, are popping out on a monthly basis that you will be confused as to which is the best time management system that will fit the needs of your company. According to experts, you must be wary of the choice you make for a time management system especially if you’re an entrepreneur who is only starting to make grounds in your chosen business. This is because of the fact that choosing the wrong system might make things worse for your company which can lead to more wasted time and lesser important things that are completed along the way.

The good news is: there is an existing system that would be the best time management system devised specifically to meet the needs of the entrepreneurs. This system is called: “Eat that Frog”. This system will not only allow you to manage your time like a pro. This system will help you in terms of doubling your productivity level. “Eat that Frog” has already been launched in the United States and is expected to make noise around the world in the future because it can now be purchased via their official website.

When you purchase the book, it will be teach you 21 different steps on how you should manage your time and complete your tasks on a daily basis but below are some of the fundamental steps included in the book:

  • Planning in advance is critical. Whatever you are planning to do for the day, you should plan it the night before. If needed, make a list of the things you must do. You may use the “ABCDE” Method and organize things by deciding the value of the things in your life and which you must prioritize first. Break down your work day into smooth parts so you can go with the flow.
  • The book will also teach you to apply the 80/20 rule to everything that you do. This rule means that 20% of your daily activities will account for 80% of the total results. This is a good rule that all entrepreneurs must apply because the better results you get out of your activities especially if they involve marketing practices, the higher sales your business can receive.