Drainage Issues Remain To Hunt Residents At Savannah

16 Sep


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Over the past few days, families have been stranded in their homes in Savannah because of heavy rains. A couple of streets have been turned into streams and ponds after the violent storms accumulated all the water in the area. Some of the areas were hit heavily last Monday and even today, the streets are not yet back to normal as they rainwater are still evident on the streets.

The residents have become restless on the situation and one resident complained that government should do more in order to restore things back to normal. They want the politicians who promised to do something for the community to fulfill their word and act upon the situation.

One of the many areas that are heavily affected is Ferrill Street. The city has been working hard in order to correct the drainage issue of the city. The spokesman of the City of Savannah said that they already have a list of several projects that they will fix in the city which they constantly prioritize. However, residents still complain that they do not feel to be prioritized.

Residents aired out their frustration and told the government to give priority immediately to Savannah and straighten out the flooding circumstances in the area. The city has been constantly under flood for several years now and this problem is not anymore a new problem so it has to be immediately addressed.

The city officials said that they had made remarkable progress since the fund from SPLOST has been released and became available for different improvement projects of the city. They contended that a lot of high traffic areas which are occasionally flooded have been fixed. However, they also confessed that the list is still long and they would need more money since the cost of fixing these flooded areas is quite expensive. The government officials also expressed their sentiments over how expensive these repairs could go as in one bidding, the lowest bid came back for a staggering 75 million dollars.