Do Not Commit These Moving Mistakes

19 Jan

A study conducted by E.ON., an energy company, 63 per cent of movers consider the process to be the most stressful while 43 per cent of adults think that the most stressful event is getting a new job or getting divorce. Many believes that the stress starts when looking for moving boxes in Brisbane but what they don’t realize is that they are committing common moving mistakes which results to the stress.

According to a professional organizer, Ben Soreff, majority of movers is only putting labels on one side of the box but when these boxes are stacked together they have a hard time locating the labels. This task alone takes time. This is why he recommended that every side of the cardboard boxes should be labeled in order to know what’s inside right away.

Annie Draddy, a professional organizer who founded Henry & Higby, said that it is easy for people to throw cords and electronics without thinking twice about it. This should be avoided but rather random cords and spare electronic connectors should be kept in one box. Once you are done setting up your new home and found these cords to be useless, this is the only time you can throw them away.

Do not pack everything right away especially those things you might use on the exact day of moving. The co-founder of Henry & Higby cautioned against doing this because you might want to use them before leaving the old house and upon arriving in the new one. All of these things should be placed inside a separate box where it can be accessed easily.

When packing lamps, the light bulbs should be removed before placing them in boxes and the bulbs should be wrapped in bubble wraps to avoid breaking. The same with Christmas ornaments because you might hurt yourself with broken bulbs if you neglect to do so. If you want to buy new ones once you transfer, it is better to toss them away.

Once you have bought moving boxes in Brisbane, you can dismantle furniture but make sure to keep a Ziploc bag close so you can keep small parts. You don’t want to arrive in your new home only to find out your furniture is missing pieces which make it useless.