Design Trends To Follow To Stay On Top

8 Dec

It was 25 years ago when Tim Berners-Lee made the first ever website in the history of mankind and the site was based solely on text. Nowadays, the field of web designing has become wider and wider that there is so much more to be desired when it comes to designing a website. If a mere 25 years has taken us leaps into the field of web designing, imagine how another 25 years will make a much greater change and influence the internet of the future. These things cannot be predicted what with the exponential development of technology and the advance innovation people are creating. What can be determined are the trends that will influence web design in the next three years.

Consumers may not be aware of the constant changes in trend unless it has occurred to some of the websites they are visiting. This cannot be for designers – they have to keep being innovative and always be the first to learn the newest trends when it comes to web design.

One of the trends that are predicted by experts in the field is that web designs will become more personalized and will enable readers to interact with one another. At the top of this hill is social media which will be the best gateway in order for web pages to be shared easily and interaction could occur. With this is mind, it is expected that the usual templates used will be forgotten and will be replaced by customized designs depending on the preference of the online user.

Another thing would be adding more information in a page which is different to what it the norm before. It has always be a goal by designers and web owners alike to make their page short and brief in order for the customer to see everything in one page. Links, both external and internal, used to dominate pages in order to shorten the content. Nowadays, people are using mobile devices too often when browsing that scrolling is a must. It has also been discovered that people prefers scrolling and reading everything in one page rather than clicking on another link and wait for it to load again.

Aside from these two, animation will also dominate the future web pages together with a simpler page setup and design. To get the website of the future one is dreaming of, visit