Delaware Residents Saddened By The Removal Of Trees For A Road Construction Project

30 Nov

There are certain instances when the removal of trees cannot be avoided. In Delaware, trees alongside the roads have to be cut down to make way for a road construction project. Residents were not informed until two months ago that the trees standing in the public right of way have to be cut down.

According to Rob Riley, the chief deputy engineer of Delaware County said that the $2.5 million road project will add a traffic signal and turn lanes at the intersection of Big Walnut and Worthington Roads where 6 crashes have occurred in the last 5 years. Two of the crashes at Big Walnut Road have resulted into injuries.

In spite of the benefits that can be gained from a road construction project, residents were not happy because the trees have become a part of their history. Since the trees have been removed, the residents won’t see them anymore. They have lived in the area for a long time and the trees were part of the reason why they chose the location.

Amy Beougher has found out that the trees will be cut down 2 months ago from a neighbor. She told NBC4 that the trees are in the right of way but one-third of them are located within her property. Kathy Davis who also lives in the neighborhood hopes that the township and county will find a better option other than cut trees for historical reasons. When the large old oak tree on the south side of Big Walnut Road was cut down, it made a lot of people very sad.

Riley understands the concerns of the residents but since the trees on the north side are located on public right of way, they have to be removed to build a road and relocate utilities. Only the trees that affect road safety will be removed to get the job done.

Aside from road projects, there are other reasons why trees are removed in urban areas. However, for purposes of safety, it is better to allow professional tree removal in Perth to do the job. They are equipped with the right tools as well the necessary training in tree removal.