Cost Of Installation Of Frameless Shower Screens In Melbourne

13 Dec

The cost of frameless shower screens in Melbourne depends on a few factors. One of the considerations is the thickness of the frameless shower screen. Workmanship and the expertise of the installer will also be a factor in determining the overall cost of the installation. For a frameless screen glass to be safer, the screen has to be thicker and of course, thicker glass is more expensive but more reliable. If budget is not an issue and you want a higher quality for screen glass, opt for a screen glass that offers more reliability. Another factor that would affect the price is if the screen is customized. Customizing the frameless screen glass would be higher in cost. A customized screen glass is usually made to order and comes in heavier glass so it has to be installed by a professional in the field.

The average price ranges of frameless shower screens in Melbourne are as follows:

  • 2100mm x 900mm costs $360 and that includes frameless glass walk-in shower panel with aluminum channel
  • 850mm x 2000mm costs $410 and that includes two panel frameless shower screen plus installation fee of $195
  • 800mm x 600mm costs $550 for a rectangular frameless glass shower screen
  • 1740mm x 1785mm x 2000mm costs $690 for a three panel sliding door frameless shower screen plus $400 for the installation

The prices mentioned are not yet inclusive of installation and delivery fees. The usual installation costs are around $200 to $400, again, that depends on several factors. If you need to remove your shower, the labor requirement is already included in the installation costs. However, this has to be clarified with the service provider to avoid confusion. Some installers of frameless shower screens in Melbourne require additional payment for removal and adjustment inside the bathroom. To get an accurate installation cost, ask for cost estimates from different contractors. This will give you an idea of the average going rate and how much will it cost you to get a nice frameless shower screen for your bathroom.