Convenience Store Redesigns The Interior With LED Strip Lighting

8 Feb

Traditionally, when a home, office or commercial establishments requirea versatile light source, the first choice is fluorescent tube. Nowadays, there is a better alternative in LED strip lighting that is a more flexible light source. Different applications for the LED strip light include accent lighting, backlighting and decorative lighting.

Convenience stores in the country are investing in remodellingprojects to attract the attention of customers. Aside from a change in interior store design, merchandising space is also expanded for the convenience of buyers. After the acquisition of 30 PDQ convenience stores last October, Kwik Trip launched a remodelling project for both the interior and exterior of the stores to be completed in 3 phases.

According to Will Churchill, the company’s merchandising manager; everything will be rebranded and reimaged from the coffee equipment to the parking lots and cash registers. Kwik Trip is known for its signature fresh bakery, robust Hot Foods and grab-and-go Fresh case products. The first phase of the conversion project is the addition of more tables in front of the registers to showcase the bakery offerings.

Ryan Roberts, one of the company’s store engineering projects manager, revealed that the interior and exterior of the stores will be retrofitted with LED lighting to increase energy efficiency and to provide more consistency in light levels all year around. A change from the usual LED flood lights to LED strip lighting in the beer caves will provide 3 times more illumination. The beer caves measuring 300 to 400 square feet are some of the recent additions to the convenience stores.

The convenience store has taken a giant step forward with the use of solar tubes and skylights to harness the power of the sun and utilize its natural light even during cloudy days. The result is significant light savings for the company.

Aside from being more energy efficient that other lighting sources, LED strip lighting comes in different shapes, sizes and colours to complement interior design. For the outdoors, there are coated LED light strips that are highly resistant to the ingress of water. When a LED controller is used, brightness, colour and individual activity can be customized.