Conflict Resolution Training In Brisbane: Useful For Cops

14 Jul

To begin with, conflicts are already considered as important part of our respective lives. In fact, there are conflicts in every part of the world and like it or not, even the smallest living creatures are having different kinds of conflicts due to a wide variety of reasons. To begin with, there are many reasons why us human beings, considered as the most intelligent habitants of this planet, are having our own conflicts on a daily basis. For starters, a lack of fluid communication between fellow workers in an office could lead to misunderstanding and eventually, could start conflict among them which could eventually disrupt their performance level and consequently, compromising the daily output that is expected from them. In addition to this, having different people with different personalities and having different values in life could also start conflicts which in some cases, could last even a long period of time. While having conflicts seems like a normal to us meaning you can’t live without it no matter how you wish you could, there are viable ways in which you can prevent conflicts from escalating into more serious problems. Among those ways is by regularly undergoing a licensed conflict resolution training in Brisbane.


In the United States, a study has been conducted and it concluded with one simple conclusion: crisis intervention skills are best to be equipped to cops because they are the ones who are called to face serious conflicts especially in serious situations such as a hostage situation. In fact, the bureau chief of Utah’s Peace Officer Standards and Training or POST for short, LT. Wade Breur, who has been in the law enforcement for 22 years, has been spending 11 of those 22 years training new cadets who want to join the police force or, providing refresher courses for those who are already active in the service. One of the refresher courses that LT. Breur is providing is something that is similar to the conflict resolution training Brisbane.  In addition to this, POST is also providing 12 hours’ worth of community relations instructions in which, new cadets will be able to learn the nuts and bolts of resolving any given conflict.