Complaints Lead To Suspension Of Bus And Taxi Lane

18 Jun

After a meeting with, we found out the news regarding the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. The said airport has closed down one of its lane dedicated for taxis and buses located in the A1 motorway. The said suspension was issued after an order from the court was released following complaints made by minicab drivers.

The minicab drivers that filed the complaints were under the company called VTC or véhicules de tourisme avec chauffeur. They expressed their disappointments regarding unfair competition since buses and taxis who are using the dedicated lane are spared of the traffic caused by rush hour from 6:30 until 10:00 every weekdays.

The suspension was given by the administrative court of Montreuil and considered as a temporary solution. The court will be looking more deeply into the matter before giving out their final decision.

The minicab drivers’ lawyer released a statement saying they have reason to believe that the final decision of the court will be to lift the suspension and allow the lane to resume its operation as long as the minicabs are also allowed to use the same lane.

The firm representing the Taxis Blues is not so sure regarding that decision since the last decision made by the European court was to allow London cabs their dedicated lane. The approved lane was first used before the month of April ends and after that a bylaw was made before the month of May ends. The bylaw is petitioning that the same condition be used on the A6a lane going to Orly every time there is a risk of heavy traffic.

The airport’s A1 lane case, on the other hand, seems to have different circumstance since a dedicated lane for buses and taxis is not a matter that will benefit the interest of the public.

If the dedicated lane will close permanently other issues will also be raised especially regarding the arrangements made between the government and the taxis to set tariffs with fix rate for airport trips going to the central Paris. The Union agreed to this but the dedicated lane was the compromise in order for them to avoid traffic. This agreement was agreed upon since it will add protection to the consumers especially the tourists.