Canberra Welcomes New Cyber Security Facility

28 Aug

A new office headquarters was opened in Canberra for the Australian Cyber Security Centre under the Federal Government. The facility was constructed at the centre of the capital and it is built for one specific purpose which is to provide cyber security. The new establishment has undergone office fitouts in Canberra before it was officially opened.

According to Malcolm Turnbull, the country’s prime minister, the facility will provide help in a way that will improve the capacity of the Federal Government in order to make the country’s internet more secure. They are partnering with various industries, universities, governments, businesses and non-profit organizations in order to reach its goal.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre will serves as the main hub in the region to connect all Joint Cyber Security Centres found in every capital city. The hub will organize partnerships of over 150 organizations that both belong in public and private industries.

In a statement released by Turnbull, the new facility will get experts from the entire ICT community, universities, law enforcement, security agencies, global partners and defence. This is a measure they are taking in the hope of improving the capabilities as well as skills required in order to defend the national interests and provide protection to the public.

The facility will be Australia’s hub that will answer to everything that concerns cyber security including assistance, advice, information and global monitoring. The centre will have state-of-the-art cyber threat detection and a warning system that will operate 24 hours every day.

The centre will also prioritize the cyber security of the government by focusing on three important areas – protection for specialized tools used by ASD or Australian Signals Directorate, advice for cyber security and assistance to the community including businesses and lastly to make sure offshore crimes through cyber methods do not prevail.

A new website was also developed to match the new office fitouts in Canberra which will replace the old services like and ACORN. It is estimated that the security spending in the country will be about $3.9 billion next year with a 9.8 per cent growth.