How To Calculate Your ROI In Terms Of Content Marketing

10 Feb

When you talk about traffic and sales, nothing beats content marketing to it. The question is, do you know how to measure as well as keep track the ROI of the content marketing you applied? Majority of marketers and business owners find it hard to accomplish. Based on a report published by B2B Content Marketing in 2015, there are only 21 per cent of marketers that admitted that they are successful in measuring their ROI in terms of content marketing.

This is a troubling figure when you think about the money invested by companies in content marketing. How will they determine if they are successful at what they do and if they should continue investing on it? There are many reasons why it is a struggle to calculate the ROI of content marketing.

  • Determining the dollar value of soft metrics such number of followers and fans.
  • Knowing the method used by clients to get to your site as word of mouth cannot be tracked.
  • Cost of content marketing is hard to determine for some companies who are assigning the task to their regular employees. This is quite easier for companies that are outsourcing.
  • ROI can be calculated only with conversions and these are not always equal.

Here are some ways you can calculate the value of traffic in your organic website:

  • According to David Meerman Scott, Google Adwords can be used to determine the amount you will have to pay in order to get the current level of website traffic you are getting. The only downside with this approach is that only website contents are counted and not including email, social media and other channels. If majority of your content marketing is focused on blogging, an approximate amount may be calculated.
  • ROI can also be measured for every sales but this is ideal for big-ticket sales. This is not recommended for companies that have low-cost products no matter how large the volume sold. Content ROI can be measured by deducting the content cost from the content revenue.
  • ROI can also be calculated for every specific campaign. This can be easily done by using marketing ROI calculator such as Fractl’s Content ROI Calculator.