Bus Terminal To Be Moved

26 Jul

Those who are staying at serviced apartment in Sukhumvit might be disappointed because of the latest news that the Transport Department has announced. They have confirmed that they are moving the Eastern bus terminal currently located in Ekamai and it will no longer be in the area of Sukhumvit. The reason for this is to solve the worsening traffic in the area. Some said that this has happened before and it turns out a big mistake for the agency.

It cannot be denied that Sukhumvit and Ekamai are known for its worse traffic congestion but the decision to move the bus terminal will not likely have any impact on the state of the traffic in the area. Furthermore, the less privileged will be the ones who will suffer greatly because the buses they depend on will no longer be accessible.

Many are questioning the decision because it has been evident that the bus terminal has been a great help to millions of people who commute daily in the past ten years. Once cannot help but think there are other motives behind the decision.

It is obvious that the land where the terminal is located costs higher than before and it feels like Transport Company who is the owner are giving in to the fact that many business developments are after the location of the terminal.

Many think that it is not fair for the local residents who depend on the buses for their daily commute to be sacrificed by Transport Co since it is their responsibility to make sure that the highest level of service is provided to the masses. The current location is very convenient to many because it is next to the BTS station of Ekamai.

As of the moment, there has been no news as to the new location of the Ekamai bus terminal. According to ChirasakYaowatsakun, the president of Transport Co, before making any decision they have to conduct a study that lasts for five months.

The company is firmed with their decision to move the terminal because they think that the 7.5 rai space is not enough to handle more than 1,000 commuters every day. We can only hope that those guests residing at serviced apartment in Sukhumvitas well as the poor local residents will have a better option for commuting.