Book Air BnB And Stay In A Boat

30 Sep

It is common to book yachts or boat charters with Canary Sail if you are planning to stay in a boat but with modern technology, it is now possible to stay in an Air BnB property which is actually a boat. This is perfect for an affordable getaway because let’s face it, chartering a boat is not cheap unless you are super rich. The usual boat charters should be booked way ahead of the schedule and rentals should be settled at the marina which can be quite expensive at time.

New business ventures, Boatsetter and Boatbound, made it possible for groups to afford chartering a boat much like booking an AirBnB. These are two separate boat rental firms but they recently decided to merge their business as one thus the biggest boat rental company all over the globe is born. You can book different types of boats such as a pontoon that could cruise the Lake Havasu or a daycruiser that you can use for a weekend getaway in Miami. Booking is possible in just a few steps and you only need to wait 24 hours for your boat to arrive. Booking process is very similar to AirBnB but you get to stay on a boat instead.

All you have to do is visit the website of Boatbound and sign up for your profile. You can also accomplish this using the mobile apps of two companies. Signing up will require you to provide an email address and your phone number together with information on your driver’s license. You also need to link a credit card. The next step is to enter the destination, the dates you want to hire the boat and the budget you have. A list will then be provided of the available boats that match your needs. You can also choose by using filters such as the number of guests boarding, the type of boat or if you require a captain or not.

All you need to do is choose the boat you want and wait for the confirmation. This is suitable for those who wanted to have a lot of options but for sailors who are planning to charter, it is best to contact companies such as boat charters with Canary Sail as they are designed especially for sailors.