Boilers Improved Further By VSD

25 Feb

The industrial boilers made by By worth Boilers have water feed inside and its pumping efficiency was recently upgraded. This is the reason why the company decided to standardize the use of ABB VSD or variable speed drive which is employed to improve the performance of its products. The company also hopes that industrial boiler corrosion can be prevented by the new system.

The boiler is required to give off a constant flow of water inside its system going to the heat exchanger. Oftentimes, the steam is also utilized by trapping because there is a need for process steam employed in various applications. This is the reason why there is constant change with the temperature, steam, rate of the water flow and pressure. The crucial part is that there are applications such as food production wherein the water level should be maintained at a stable state in order to make sure the boiler is at its optimum which is essential for the process.

Halcyon Drives is the authorized value provider of ABB and they are working together with control system engineer of Byworth, Jason Atkinson. According to him, the loop control of the proportional integral derivative is one way to stabilize the water as well as the flow of steam but it must be built inside the VSD.

The mathematical algorithm they make use of is PID control which is used to measure a number of parameters including the temperature of the steam and water, their pressure and flow. It has the capacity to calculate the maximum speed by which the motor of the pump should operate effectively in order to get the best rate of water flow. This way, the entire boiler system is utilized in the optimum level possible.

Atkinson said that the ABB drive coupled with PID loop makes it possible for them to control the water pump thus they can decrease the speed or alter the position of the valve to take into consideration the different demand of the water feed. This also aims to reduce the cases of industrial boiler corrosion as the parameters are controlled.