Australian Tourist Facing Mounting Hospital Bills InThailand

24 Jul

Dawn Welden-Schupp is an Australian woman who suffered a critical injury while on vacation in Thailand. She was driving a moped along with Josh, her 14 year old son when they got into a road accident. The accident was a head-on collision with a truck while they are roaming around KoLanta, a resort district in Thailand. It was January 15 of this year when the unfortunate incident happened but the tourist is still stuck in Thailand because of her medical bills which continue to pile up. This is the reason why health insurance in Thailand for expats is recommended but in the case of Ms. Welden-Schupp, her insurance claim was not honored.

Ms.Welden-Schupp is 53 years old and was working as a nurse at the Valla Beach located in New South Wales.The accident put her in a critical condition where she was rushed to Bangkok Hospital found in Phuket.

During the hospital stay, it was found out that she suffered from broken bones, punctured lungs, her skull was fractured and she has a brain injury. Josh was lucky to obtain only minor injuries during the tragedy and was able to fly back home after recuperating.

At the time of the accident, Ms. Welden-Schuppwas covered with comprehensive travel insurance but it turns out that the policy will not be able to cover her expenses. The rejection of her claim stems from the fact that the mope she was riding has enough power to be considered as motorbike and she does not have proper license to drive one in the country.

The insurance company said that the bike has an engine size of 110 cc and is equivalent to a motorbike which is explained in the policy wording. According to the policy, motorcycle is a vehicle with two or three wheel and an engine displacement that is higher than 50cc.

It has also been confirmed by the insurance company that she does not have the license to ride a motorbike. This shows the importance of reading everything in the policy of the health insurance in Thailand for expats to make sure that the foreign traveler is covered no matter what. The family of Ms. Welden-Schupp is now raising money to pay for her expenses as she is still in a very serious condition.