Art Student Redesigns School Chair For Improved Posture

6 Aug

A graduate from the Kingston School of Art, Masahiko Ito, has recently designed his own version of chairs for school, one with an unusual shape. The new design features a saddle-like form, with the aim of maximising concentration as well as improving posture.

Dubbed the Saddle Seat, the chair, as the name would imply, features a shape not unlike those of saddles, with a narrow, curved body. Ito says that the new design works well as an archetype for chairs for school as it provides good posture, as well as encouraging movement so as to maximize concentration and attention towards the lecturer.

Ito explains that it uses the principles of design in order to help with the physical and mental issues that are currently plaguing the culture in schools. He says that he looked into the correlation between posture and concentration, and used his findings in designing the chair.

The designer says that he noticed that people tend to want to fidget and move around in their chairs, but when they want to concentrate on something, the greater the tendency for them to site in a more alert position close to the front of the chair in a sort-of riding position. By contrast, people are more likely to recline when they’re reflecting.

The overall design and structure of the new Saddle Seat encourages children to sit upright, which Ito says is an important aspect of posture with regards to maintaining interest and focus as well as concentration while seated. The product’s design is simple, with three components designed to minimize carbon footprint and waste; the seat, the frame and the back part.

The frame is made from a single, continuous piece of steel tubing, and is available in three different colours; blue, pink and orange. Oil-finished birch plywood make up the seat, while the back support is comprised of a single cylindrical tube of solid timer. Ito says that the student will be able to enjoy the ageing of the seat’s wooden components, acquiring a sense of care and longevity.

The Saddle Seat was shown off at the New Designers event, from 4-7 July 2018, and featured graduate projects, like a portable cooking set for kitchenless millennials and other new and bold designs.