Ai Innovations That Are Expected To Make A Difference In Web Design

25 Aug

In recent years, web design has taken a big leap but it cannot even catch up with the technologies that are being released every now and then. These innovations are both good and bad news for designers like Cloud Cartel because it will impact the industry and also there is the fear that AI might replace them. This fear might not come true anytime soon though because as previous technological advancements have proven, the best example is The Grid, humans have more observant eyes and out creativity cannot be fathomed. Regardless, there are latest AI technologies that could move forward web design.

First AI innovation is the live chat pop-ups which are becoming more common in website design. This is recommended if you don’t want to employ a human customer service. Instead, you look for live chat software that will provide the same experience to the visitors of the website. These are designed to answer the common questions coming from users. It is also a cheaper alternative than hiring a person.

Second AI innovation is the legwork automation which handles every little thing that could be accomplished by technology. Tasks that are repetitive and could eat up a lot of your time can be delegated to the AI such as resizing images for the website. Adobe has released a technology intended for this purpose called Sensei but it is yet to be perfected.

Third AI innovation is the introduction of smarter design systems. Design systems are a series comprised of patterns, modules and elements that could be put together in order to create a design language for a specific brand or product. AI in this instance could help make design systems better and be more powerful.

Fourth AI innovation is the personalization of user experience. This is possible because of the ability of AI to gather data points from the user’s device such as their current location, their personal preference or the time of the day that they have accessed the website. According to web designer Cloud Cartel, this AI innovation has a long way to go still and it might be a few more years before it is able to sort through data points without human intervention.