Adult Male Fans Start Talking About Being A Brony

7 May

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was received well by children and adults but found an unexpected audience among grownup men. It is no longer surprising to find adults wearing my little pony hoodies and black t-shirts with a unicorn.

My Little Pony series has unexpectedly increased its audience. There is a group of male fans from in the Simpsonville. Taylor Bantag, Ethan Cowden and Jeffrey Stevens call themselves “bronies” a title that describes male adult fans of the phenomenal show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The series is about magical ponies that live in Equestra and their daily adventures. In the late 1980’s the original My Little Pony was focused on little girls but now the show is being watched by people of all ages.

According to Stevens My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic offers them something different. Everybody expects grownup men to play Call of Duty, Itty Gritty and a lot of violent games. However, My Little Pony is colorful and a bit more whimsical alternative.

Bantag says they receive a lot of flak from friends and they are often asked whether they are gay. According to Stevens, they are perfectly straight. Bronies are actually receiving a lot of attention in the United States after the documentary streaming through Netfix that features adult men who like watching My Little Pony. In fact, bronies are popular for collecting merchandise that have been inspired by the show like pony dolls, accessories and clothing.

Bronies are also accused as being pedophiles but it is a lot of nonsense and does not have any basis. According to Bantag, even his mother has had her doubts but these were allayed when she sat down to watch the show and begin to understand its message.

The fascination about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is due to its beautiful animation. The show offers a message of unconditional acceptance and friendship, something that everybody seeks. The bronies claim they have found it in their subculture. Bronies are simply one big family that takes in all people that society does not want.