About Us

Douglas V PorterDouglas Porter – Aurthor

Alaskins was established to provide up-to-date information on different world issues and political controversies all over the world to build awareness among people. It is the mission of Alaskins to provide independent and objective news stories without any personal biases and prejudices. We also want to build a community where people can speak their minds freely and share their opinions on the many political issues in the world today.

Alaskins goal is to report the truth without any exaggerations and over sensationalism. We want to bring fairness to every story we post on our site so that people can form an adequate impression. Like any other citizen, a journalist has the right to freedom of speech and to maintain the independence of his convictions but when it pertains to his profession, it is important to always stay neutral and objective.

World events and current political issues must be checked whether it is based on true information. Sources of news stories must be credible and reliable to make sure that there is no bias that can offend or humiliate a person. News sources may have their certain opinions because it is their right but it also required to adhere to truth in reporting so that people will not be confused.

Unconfirmed rumors and hearsays should always be stated as such so that people will understand that this is unconfirmed information. If the news deals on violence and tragic incidents, it should be treated with care so that it will not compromise the sensibilities of other readers. Alaskins always ensure that it follows strictly the ethics of news reporting particularly when dealing with sensitive information.

We hope that by shedding light on many of the issues the controversies in world news; we would be able to expose the truth because people have the right to know. If you have any opinions or statements that you want published you can always send us your contact information so that we can respond to your request. Providing additional information will allow us to get back to you faster. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions through www.recallmurkowski.com.