A Modern Hotel Bangkok: Contributing To Thailand’s Tourism Rise

18 May

Bangkok, alongside its neighbouring cities in Thailand: Phuket and Pattaya, are among the top cities in the Asia Pacific region that have the highest number of tourist arrivals according to the recent data determined by the MasterCard Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017 which is an offshoot of MasterCard’s yearly Global Destination Cities Index. For beginners, the Global Destination Cities Index states the ranking of 171 different tourist destinations which include resorts, towns and cities in 22 different nations in the world. It basically looks at the number of international overnight arrivals. In addition to this it also takes into consideration of how much money is spent by tourists and the number of nights spent by tourists in a destination spot whether it’s a modern hotel Bangkok or a nice resort in Phuket.

According to the MasterCard Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017, Bangkok remains the top tourist destination in the said region because it was able to produce 19.3 million tourist arrivals which is way higher than its nearest competitor, Singapore which only managed 13.1 million arrivals of tourists mainly from Asian countries. The reason for this is aside from the fact that Bangkok is known for its numerous tourist spots that will make your vacation in the kingdom’s capital worth spending at, you can choose to stay at a modern hotel Bangkok, enjoy a relatively high quality accommodation without burning a big hole in your bank account. This is also a contributing factor why Bangkok also remained as the top city in terms of number of nights spent by a tourist. Bangkok, as a city, gathered 87.6 nights total spent by tourists which are mostly from the neighbouring countries in the region. In addition to this, Bangkok landed in second place, a spot behind Singapore, in terms of total amount of money spent by tourists in a specific destination. Bangkok was able to produce a grand total tourism expenditure amounting to 12.7 billion US dollars, around 3 billion US dollars lower than what Singapore produced. Again, this can be pointed to the fact that more tourists have the luxury to stay at a modern hotel Bangkok because they get to experience a fancy accommodation without spending too much and yet, have more than enough bucks to spend for other vacation-related things.