A Mix Of Free And Paid Services Offered By Academic Advancement Center

8 May

The semester is about to end and students are already preparing for finals. Good thing there are many tutoring companies like Bee Academic Tutoring to help these students out.

The same can be said about the students of Ohio University whose students have become busy with the finals coming in. But fortunately for these students, there is a university student tutoring program that they can turn to. The Academic Advancement Center has become one of the students’ biggest allies in learning.

But what is remarkable about this tutoring program is that students can not only get access to a paid private tutor, but they can also get into the tutoring program for free as long as they are deemed qualified. The Academic Advancement Center’s tutoring program is a mix of free and paid services. Not only that, the paid services would only cost a student $10 per hour.

The tutoring program is free for first generation students or those students whose parents did not have a baccalaureate degree from college. They are also offering free tutorials for commuters, College Adjustment Program, Links Program and Student Accessibility Services students.

Unfortunately for Emily Mahran who is a biological sciences student and lead science tutor, she doesn’t fall in any of the criterion for free tutoring. But she says she doesn’t regret paying because it’s only $10 per hour and she doesn’t have anything to spend on anyways.

In the Academic Advancement Center, the Math and Science Center is one of the major tutoring services offered there. It is open during Mondays until Fridays, opening at 10 am and closing at 5 pm. It is also open on Sundays until Thursdays during drop in hours, 7 to 9 pm.

Unfortunately, even if the Academic Advancement Center and Tutoring Program gives free options, that may not always be applicable. Just like in the case where a student wants to get tutored at journalism or psychology where they will be entitled to pay.

Mahran says that before students apply for a tutoring program, they should first seek the help of their professors.