A Look At The Chef Responsible For SEA’s First Turkish Fine Dining Restaurant

2 Sep

The House on Sathorn is a notable trendy bar in Sathorn, with The Courtyard, The Bar, and The Dining Room, the latter, which is one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2018, known for its fine Turkish cuisine.

The man behind the eatery is Chef Faith Tutak, who founded it about three-and-a-half-years ago. Operating in the Asia region as a chef for at least 14 years, with stints at several world-class restaurants like Noma, he’s a familiar face in the luxury cuisine scene in the region, and now, he’s opened up regarding the experience of running The Dining Room alongside a trendy bar in Sathorn, offering his iteration of his native cuisine.

He says that they opened a little over three years ago, starting by offering a modern Asian menu based on his travel experience in the region, confessing that he never really imagined that he’d be cooking Turkish food. Everything was working well, the restaurant bringing in customers, with ingredients from across the region, but a lot of the customers had a common comment on the food; why wasn’t he, a chef from Istanbul, adding a touch of his heritage.

Chef Tutak admitted that it was a logical point; a French chef cooks French food, a Chinese chef cooks Chinese cuisine, and he’s Turkish. Problem was, Turkish cuisine wasn’t really fit for a gastronomic restaurant; being made for comfort, large portions, and sharing in mind.

Tutak says that, as a Turkish chef, he should bring his native cuisine into gastronomy, as no one would, but the problems came. He was operating near a trendy bar in Sathorn, in Bangkok, Thailand, far from Turkey, and people were openly judging; why would they eat Turkish food in the Thai capital, some asked.

Like any good chef, he puts his own spin on his native cuisine. Tutak confessions that it’s a big challenge, seeing that some of the spices have to be hand carried for the restaurant, though he admits that its one that he asked for. He says that they’re advanced, compared to Istanbul, opting for more avantgarde cooking, as Tutak says he hopes that people discover his culture, his heritage, and his story; of the Turkish chef coming to Asia from Istanbul and trying all sorts of crazy things.

However, the restaurant had a rule, Tutak reports, saying that he would never play with the more traditional dishes, saying that, if women have been making them for a century, if they’re, in his words, (expletive)ing good, then it’s already perfect as is.

Serving Turkish cuisine, the Dining Room now sees Turks coming in to enjoy Turkish cuisine, which Tutak confesses makes him quite proud.