5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Frugal You

28 Dec

Christmas is known by many things. First and foremost, Christmas is considered as the most wonderful time of the year, a season full of laughter and cheers. But for some people, it can also become the most stressful time because of the preparations that would have to be made for Christmas.

But Christmas is also a time for giving. Gift giving has become a tradition ever since God knows when. However, gifts can become quite costly. People would normally start saving on the gifts months before Christmas but sometimes, you just can’t save enough. It is understandable if you plan to give expensive gifts only to the people you value most in your life such as your family, your special someone, or your best friend. But for the other people you have in your life, you would still need to give a few gifts here and there. And if you have a tight budget, here are some Christmas gift ideas that you might find useful.

  1. Rechargeable Batteries & Charger. So the world is basically digitalized and almost everyone owns one, two or more gadgets at home. It would be a convenient if you give rechargeable batteries and a charger as a Christmas present because they are bound to make use of it one way or another.
  2. Newspaper Subscriptions. So if you have friends who haven’t subscribed to a newspaper yet then why not make use of that as a Christmas gift instead? Newspapers are an important source of information and events. Plus they also have numerous coupons that the recipient can use.
  3. Reusable Shopping Bags. Doing this would not only be beneficial for you and your friends but for the environment as well.
  4. You may think of candles as a lame gift idea but if you would think about the convenience it has, then it may just be the perfect gift! Candles can light up a room, set a theme, and gives of great fragrances when you buy scented ones.
  5. Ugly Christmas Sweater. These sweaters are the perfect gift for Christmas! You’d not only be giving something to warm your friends during the cold holiday season but you’ll also be giving them a good laugh.