4 Tips To Safely Use Mig Welders

24 Dec

Just like any other equipment, Mig welders are reliable and efficient. You just have to ensure that you are using it properly and you have the right technical know-how on using the equipment. Here are some tips to get a professional, safe and efficient result out of using a mig welding machine.

Use protective gears

Welding machines can be hazardous when handled improperly. One can be exposed to gases, fumes, arc rays and infrared and ultraviolet rays that can burn the skin and damage the eyes. It also has hot parts and the welder will also be exposed to noise. Because of its hazards, it is important for the welder to wear the right protective gears when using Mig welders such as gloves, welding helmets, clothes that fully cover exposed skin and close-toed shoes. Avoid using clothes with pockets or with synthetic materials as they can catch sparks and cause injury.

Know how to set-up the equipment

Welding requires specific types of wire and you should know which type is needed for your application. You should also know how to set up the right amperage, proper wire feed speed and voltage. Otherwise, you could end up doing it the wrong way and ruin your project or worse, put yourself in peril because of improper settings. You can search on the internet on how to do the settings properly or you can on basic training if you are going to have welding as your career.

Check the connections before starting

Before you start on your project, double check the connections to ensure that they are tightly connected from the front of the MIG gun down to the power pin which should be attached firmly to the power source. Make sure that there is no spatter buildup on your materials and your ground cable is as much as possible, close to the workspace.

Use a reliable machine

There are different brands of Mig welders in the market but choose one that is proven and tested by welders. Read reviews made by welders from the sites of distributors and online suppliers. You might also want to check the local suppliers in your area for options.